"They burn all, steal all, and kill all. Now I am going to kill them back."  

                                              - Myst Volt Clon


Myst is the leader of the remaining military squadron.  His family is dead, but he does have many flash back of his childhood.   He has undergone the most heavy of the genetic enhance ments.  The remaining people in his squad respect him for all that he has done, and even if he does not show it at times, he respects them back.



Myst had a dark childhood.  His family was a poor and his father was killed by the rebels during the war.  He died by being mutilated to death.  His mother was always cheery, even when things were dark and unhappy.  His rememberance of her is the onlything that is keeping him insane.  He was brought up with his sister, Sophie.  His original name was Matthew, but it was changed to codename "MYST". 

Teen YearsEdit

He began working in a steel factory sence as long as he could work.  About five years into his job, there was an accident. he lost his right arm, mid uper arm down, but it was repaised by a machanical arm. The arm was covered in fake, prostetic skin.  By the time he was eight-teen, he joined the military, along with his sister Sophie, to earn a better income for the famly. the military soon relized that the rebbles found nukes and they put all there newer oficers into statis chambers.  Myst, his sister, and about 15 other individuals were radomly selected and put into an undergroud bunker, which was about twelve miles below the surface.  From there, the soldiers were placed into two groupes of 7 and the man left out was sent back to the surface.  Myst and his sister were seperated, and he has not seen his sister or the other squad ever sence.

After the SeperationEdit

     Myst was taken to an undergound storage space filled with a verity of tech nology and genetic changing machines.  Against his will, Myst was strapped down to a table and injected with a verity of liquids and chemicals. His arm was then removed and he then passed out from the pain.  He then woke up 25 years later, in a suspention chamber.  When they came up to the surface, there was nothing left exsept for the battling factions.  The squad then proceded to the armory, where he picked up a realitivly large gun.  His team mate, Nelson, then asked, "What is that?"

"50 call machine gun."

"Isn't the sniper enough."


   The squadron asumed that there was a reason that none of the weapons were below 30 call, and ether heavy, explosive, ranged, or atomatic.

Weapon LoadEdit

1. 50 callibur BMR-59 Machine Gun.  He carrries enough ammo for ten reloads.

2. 45mm Magnum Pullsator Revolvor.  Enough ammo for fifteen reloads.

3. Crystallium Dagger (gets affter issue ten).


Light plating on the lower legs.  More armor around the arms and upper chest.  Tight blue sweat shirt.  Ignition Gloves.


Has a sirious personality, but trys to lighten the mood with lame jokes.  Enjoys playing ping-pong on his free time.  He usualy makes the table himself, out of rubble.  He is the kind that belaves that actions speak louder then words, and that the bigger gun you have, the more likly the enemy is going to sureneder.

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